*NEW* Four Worlds | Hannah Waldron
*NEW* Four Worlds *NEW* Four Worlds *NEW* Four Worlds *NEW* Four Worlds *NEW* Four Worlds

*NEW* Four Worlds

Published on the occasion of her exhibition “Solmania” at the Studio Fotokino, Marseille, this work displays on paper 4 tapestries of Hannah Waldron. Each one is reproduced as a concertina book, and is accompanied by a text written by the artist.

The female weavers featured in these artworks represent four examples of the craftsperson as worldmaker, and relate to tales from classical Greece, the Tang dynasty in China, ancient Japan and the Hopi tribe in Northeastern Arizona.

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*NEW* Four Worlds, Prints, Shop, Woven, £10
Isbn 9782902565078, 12.5 x 15.5 cm, 4 concertina books, a booklet and a postcard. Pre-order now - shipping from November.