*NEW* Tokyo furoshiki | Hannah Waldron
*NEW* Tokyo furoshiki *NEW* Tokyo furoshiki *NEW* Tokyo furoshiki *NEW* Tokyo furoshiki *NEW* Tokyo furoshiki

*NEW* Tokyo furoshiki

Arriving in Tokyo in that magic time between night and day, our train meanders through a Tetris like metropolis. We become enveloped in a world of blocks, but as we look more we begin to see the traces of times past. Windows appear to flicker on and off, as people come and go, the city that never sleeps welcomes us with its glow.

My latest furoshiki scarf design TOKYO, made in collaboration with LINK, features a subtle layer of glow in the dark ink, the ink absorbs natural light during the day and radiates a soft glow at night. Unlike some glow in the dark inks, ours is soft to the touch so it can be worn comfortably.

Now taking pre-orders for shipping 20th December – please note we can’t guarantee a Christmas delivery due to some factory delays, but we will do our best!

*NEW* Tokyo furoshiki, Scarves, Shop, £45
Produced by LINK / Traditional Japanese multi-functional wrapping cloth and scarf / 90 x 90 cm / 100% Cotton Satin / Blue-orange / Hand printed in Japan / Glow in the dark / PRE-ORDER NOW / SHIPPING 20th DECEMBER