Maze Furoshiki (Cinnabar) | Hannah Waldron
Maze Furoshiki (Cinnabar) Maze Furoshiki (Cinnabar)

Maze Furoshiki (Cinnabar)

This design is about the journey out of a city, specifically London. It is an observation of the city’s varying pace, spacing and architecture, and the need one feels to escape beyond the city’s boundaries to nature every once in a while. After creating the design, I discovered that the spiral motif in traditional japanese art signifies luck, which feels serendipitous. I like the idea of carrying things around wrapped in ideas of adventure and hope for the future.

Also available specially boxed with 2 risograph prints.



Maze Furoshiki (Cinnabar), Scarves, £36
Produced by LINK / Traditional Japanese multi functional wrapping cloth and scarf / 90 x 90 cm / 100% Cotton Satin / Cinnabar colour / Hand printed in Japan